News & Events

Dr. Wang visits Keio Univ. Quantum Computing Center & IBM Q Hub (March 27, 2024) Call for papers: Machine Intelligence for Engineering under Uncertainties Dehao Liu defended Ph.D. dissertation (July 2, 2021) JCISE special issue of Digital Twins is available The world's first book on UQ in materials modeling is available Roundtable discussion with Automation World on IoT and Big Data (Nov. 26, 2018) Anh Tran defended Ph.D. dissertation (Oct. 19, 2018) Dong Yeo (Justin) Yoo defended M.S. thesis (May 11, 2018) and joined General Motors Georgia Tech Uncertainty & Risk seminar series speaker: Dr. William Rider (April 26, 2018) Visiting Ph.D. students Jie Liu and Qi Zhou join HUST as Assistant Professors (April, 2018) Call for papers: JCND Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification special issue Prof. Karthik Ramani gave GM Distinguished Lecture on Data-Driven Design (Jan. 16, 2018) Call for papers: JMD Design of Engineered Materials and Structures special issue Ruoyu and Yanglong won Data-Driven X for Life Cycle Poster Competition (August 2017) MSSE's research in ME Magazine feature story of materials design (August 2017) Call for papers: JMD Data-Driven Design special issue Call for papers: JRISK Multiscale Systems Uncertainty Quantification special issue Multibody Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, & Control (MSNDC) Conference Best Paper (August 2016) David, Dana, Yanglong, Ryan, Siu win PURA Awards, present at NAMRC/MSEC (June 2016) Lijuan He won student Best Poster Award at ICME Congress 2015 (June 3, 2015) Lijuan He defended Ph.D. dissertation (May 15, 2015), now with Ford Prof. Michael Wang of National Univ. of Singapore gave a seminar at Tech (Sept. 15, 2014) MSSE's research featured in ME Magazine cover story of nanoCAD (August 2014) Dean Kunwoo Lee, Vice Dean Sukwon Cha of Seoul National U. visit Tech (May 23, 2014) Wei Huang defended his Ph.D. dissertation (April 15, 2014), now with HP Lab Dr. Wang gave lectures at Korea ADD,  visited Seoul National U. & Hanyang U. (March 2014) Dr. Wang gave a speech on sustainability innovation at ICSRD'13, Indonesia (Aug. 2013) Prof. Young Tag Keum from Hanyang University visited Tech (July 2013) Marco Grimm from TU Darmstadt visited Tech (March-May 2013) CAD special issue of Computer-Aided Multi-scale Materials & Product Design published Alumnus Sean Tessier visited Alma mater (Nov. 6, 2012) Dr. Wang gave lectures of nano-engineering at Tallinn Univ. of Tech., Estonia (May 2012) Dr. Wang visited petaflops Jaguar at NCCS of Oak Ridge National Lab (May 2012)