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ME6104 - Computer-Aided Design

Instructor: Prof. Yan Wang

Text Book: Michael E. Mortenson, Geometric Modeling, 2nd Edition, John Wiley, 1997

  • Intro to Geometric Modeling
  • Homogeneous Coordinates, Transformation
  • Solid Modeling (CSG, Euler-Poincare formula, Euler Operators)
  • Parametric Surfaces (Hermite, Bezier, B-spline)
  • Implicit Surfaces (R-function, Offset, Metamorphosis)
  • Intro to Computational Geometry (Minkowski sum, Voronoi diagram)
  • Example Projects
  • Virtual assembly of gearbox with python (by Yuanlai Zhou and Chong Ye)
  • ./projects/VirtualAssemblyGearbox.jpg
  • Power crust surface reconstruction (by Daniel Bodamer and Arpit Patel)
  • ./projects/PowerCrustSurfaceReconstruction.jpg
  • Hyper-CAD to model and visualize 4D geometries (by Dehao Liu, Yanglong Lu, and William Martin)
  • ./projects/HyperCAD4Dgeometry.jpg
  • Half-edge data structure in Matlab (by Fiona Wong and Suze Zhang)
  • ./projects/HalfEdgeDataStructureMatlab.jpg
  • Interactive end mill design tool (by John Miers, Zhiyu Wang, and Max Praniewicz)
  • ./projects/InteractiveEndMillDesignTool.jpg
  • Automatic de-featuring for CAD models (by Ryan Gaylo)
  • ./projects/AutomaticDeFeaturing.jpg
  • Modeling lumbar vertebrae with structured implicit surfaces (by VishnuVardhan BusiReddy and Cole Wright)
  • ./projects/ModelingLumbarVertebraeWithStructuredImplicitSurfaces.jpg
  • Reconstruct vascular structure using B-spline parametric surfaces (by Ryan Gilbert and Minliang Liu)
  • ./projects/ReconstructVascularStructureUsingBSplineParametricSurfaces.jpg